Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Windows 10 Complaints

Will Microsoft ever recover from Windows 8/10 ...
Microsoft Windows 10Having missed the smartphone revolution (Android & iOS), Microsoft embarked on a bold catch up strategy that envisioned a single operating system across desktop/laptop, tablet and phone. This was a bold moved based on Apple's dual platform strategy of OSX for desktop/laptop and iOS for tablet and phone. Microsoft tried to force its fledgling Windows 8 on their billion users with disastrous results. It was so bad that, they quickly released Windows 8.1 to rectify some of the hurt and then Windows 10 to take it nearly back to Windows 7! So what was all this for? Microsoft's smartphone strategy has failed due to lack of users and their tablet strategy has resulted in the expensive Surface product which is really no better that a good Windows 7 laptop with a touch screen! So just why did we all go through this exercise in futility? Microsoft is left with a very complex operating system that most consumers will probably leave behind in favour of an Apple or Android tablet or a Google Chromebook!

Windows 10 Complaints Keep Rolling In - Computing on Top Tech News:

Boston Dynamics’ new robot

These robots are getting scarily good ...
Interesting video of the latest robots from Boston Dynamics.

Enjoy a video of Boston Dynamics’ new robot doing chores and slipping on banana peels – TechCrunch:

W10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update long time coming ...
The Anniversary Update is expected to take 3 months to get out to all the 350 - 400 million PCs running Windows 10.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update rollout will take 3 months | Ars Technica:

Google Cast now in Chrome

Chrome extension no longer needed for Google Cast ...
Google Cast (aka Chromecast) no longer requires a Chrome extension since it is built directly into the Chrome browser.

Google Cast gets built into Chrome | Ars Technica:

Google launches Duo

At last Facetime for Android and iOS ...
Google DuoGoogle has launched Duo a simple mobile video calling app that will work on Android AND Apple iOS allowing cross platform video calling without the complexity of Skype.

Google launches Duo video-calling app, a dull cross-OS FaceTime rival – TechCrunch:

Google improves 2FA

Google's 2 Factor Authentication gets better ...
This is a significant improvement to the 2 Factor Authentication requirement of retrieving 6 digit codes. Now you can just tap 'Yes' on your linked mobile phone!

Google makes it much easier to use 2FA on your account | Ars Technica:

Monday, 26 September 2016

International Space Station

A 3D tour of the International Space Station ...
Interesting narrated tour of the International Space Station courtesy of the European Space Agency. This 13 minute video takes you right through the space station and explains all the modules from each country.

Take an awesome 3D tour of the International Space Station | The Verge:

Chromebooks for Android apps

Chromebooks to get Android app support ...
A useful list of Chromebooks that will be getting support for Android apps in the US Fall. It is also interesting to see just how many manufacturers are producing such a variety of Chromebook models.

These are the Chromebooks getting Android app support - The Verge:

Android apps on Chromebooks

Google Play Store coming to Google Chromebook ...
 This game changer should start rolling out in the US Fall. The number of current Chromebooks that are compatible with Android apps is limited but all new Chromebooks should be OK. This will make Chromebooks and even more compelling alternative to Windows.

Android apps are just what Chromebooks needed | The Verge:

Microsoft IE Users drop

Microsoft's browser strategy seems flawed ...
Interesting statistics on desktop / notebook browser usage. Microsoft is losing market share steadily. Windows 10 and its new Edge browser are still struggling with public opinion mixed.

Microsoft squanders browser dominance in record time - Computerworld: