Sunday, 30 October 2016

Avast acquires AVG

Avast buys out AVG for $1.3 billion ...
AVGTwo of the best free antivirus scanners. My favourite has always been Avast but both are very capable!

Avast acquires antivirus maker AVG for $1.3BN to gain scale and dive into IoT security – TechCrunch:

Samsung UFS memory

Samsung UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory ...
Huge capacity (256 GB) and huge read speeds up to 5x that of Micro SD cards (530 MB/sec)!

Samsung unveils world's first UFS memory cards — the successor to microSD | The Verge:

Google knows you well

Google collects lots of interesting data about you...
Google reception headphones girlA useful reference to see how much Google knows about you and how to control it.

How to see everything Google knows about you | Business Insider:

OK Google Commands

Interesting compilation of OK Google commands ...
Useful reference for all the commands you can use with OK Google!

OK Google:

Apple after Steve Jobs

Apple's big mistake after Steve Jobs ...
Totally agree! Technology companies like Apple, Microsoft or Google need innovative CEOs. Tim Cook is an excellent Chief Operating Officer but I think he is what I call a "screw it downer" rather than "entrepreneur". Steve Jobs was undoubtedly an entrepreneur with flare not someone trying to just trying to improve the "bottom line"! 

Apple after Steve Jobs: What are the biggest mistakes they’ve made?:

Maps and Earth Updates

Google updates Maps & Earth with super imagery ...
Big improvement to Google's satellite imagery from NASA's Landsat 8.

Google updates Maps and Earth apps with super sharp satellite imagery | The Verge: