Saturday, 30 November 2013

Given up on Windows?

Is Microsoft Windows rapidly losing its following ...
This is an excellent article written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and I cannot help but agree with all he says. My only difference would be that I am heading to "browser access to the Cloud" rather than to Apple! Thank goodness the Cloud came along at the same time the wheels fell off Windows!

Why I've all but given up on Windows | ZDNet:

Melbourne's SwatchMate cube

Another great idea comes out of Australia ...
The SwatchMate app and cube.Very simple idea but cleverly designed and executed!

Melbourne mates match colours with smart SwatchMate cube:

Microsoft inventions

It just goes to show that timing is everything ...
How Microsoft invented almost everything (including the wheel)There is no doubt that, in its earlier days, Microsoft was every bit as innovative as Apple or Google. It was unfortunate that they were well ahead of time on so many things!

How Microsoft invented almost everything (including the wheel) | News | TechRadar:

Sunday, 10 November 2013

End of analog TV in Sydney

Less than a month until Analogue TV says goodbye ...
digitaltvswitchAt 9 am on December 3, 2013 Sydney will only be able watch free-to-air TV broadcasts in digital only.

It's less than two months before the end of analog TV:

BSOD hits the iPhone 5s

"Blue Screen of Death" now on Apple iPhone 5s ...
Not the sort of news that Apple wants to hear at the moment!

'Unapologetically blue': Microsoft's 'Blue Screen of Death' hits iPhone 5s - Gadgets & Tech - Life & Style - The Independent:

Skype being investigated

The National Security Agency gets into more trouble ...
The United States NSA seems to be getting into trouble everywhere! Now Microsoft can take the flack for an an investigation into links between the NSA and its newly acquired Skype.

Skype being investigated in Luxembourg over NSA spying links - Computerworld:

Motorola Moto X Review

The new Motorola Moto X ticks a lot of boxes ...
Motorola Moto XThis the first Android phone to come out of the Google/Motorola combination and it seems to have won plenty of fans.

Motorola Moto X Review - Smartphones & PDA Phones:

Lenovo's Android laptop

A new combination to consider - Android laptop ...
Windows laptop, Apple laptop, Chrome laptop (Chromebook) and now an Android laptop. What will be next?

Lenovo shows Android laptop in leaked user manuals - Computerworld:

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Extensive review of the Samsung Gear smartwatch ...
Whilst other smartwatches are already available, I cannot help think that this one model from Samsung will become a benchmark to which others will be compared. The article gives a good description of what smartwatches are all about.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch (SM-V700):

Apple in the post-Jobs world

An interesting perspective from several people ...
Future still uncertain for Apple in the post-Jobs worldHistory has shown that when Jobs was not around Apple started to have problems. I feel that Apple's long term future will be determined over the next 12 to 24 months.

Future still uncertain for Apple in the post-Jobs world:

UN reports Internet connections

2.7 Billion on the Internet only 4.4 Billion to go ...
Africa internetStill plenty of growth opportunity for all the existing Internet services!

UN report reveals most of the world remains unconnected to internet |

Google Boss and NBN thinking

Face of Google Australia and a serious push for the NBN ...
Google Australia managing director Maile Carnegie wants the company to be more involved in Australia’s digital economy future.
I agree with the sentiment that we should be looking at the opportunities that the NBN will allow rather than just keep looking at the costs all the time!

Shift thinking on NBN: Google boss:

Chrome OS inside Windows 8?

Watch out Microsoft, Google Chrome OS from within ...
Google reportedly building a version of Chrome OS to sit within Windows 8This is really getting cunning! I am intrigued as to how this will work!

Google reportedly building a version of Chrome OS to sit within Windows 8 | News | TechRadar:

Kogan Agora HDMI Dongle

Interesting piece of hardware from Kogan ...
The Kogan Agora HDMI Dongle plugs into your TV's HDMI portNot the same as the Google Chromecast dongle but achieves a similar end result.

Turn your TV into a smart TV with the Kogan Agora HDMI Dongle:

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Google's 15th anniversary

Google has made an impression over 15 years ...
It is hard to imagine the Internet without Google and all its services like Google+, Mail, Maps and YouTube - most of them free. This post is brought to you by Google's free Blogger service! I wonder what Google has for us in the next 15 years!

On 15th anniversary, Google is a historical tech powerhouse - Computerworld:

Latest gadget glass

So all glass is not the same it appears ...
Nippon Electric Glass Zero glassAn interesting little article on all the developments occurring in glass manufacturing.

Heat it, bend it, slam it and the latest gadget glass won't break - Computerworld:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Some say 2014 will be the year of the "smartwatch" ...
The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched in September.They are starting to come out now led by Samsung. Google and Apple won't be far behind.

Samsung Galaxy Gear review: my first day - Telegraph:

Friday, 1 November 2013

Ballmer a few regrets

A multi billionaire, I doubt that he is really worried ...
Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.It is a shame that during his tenure as CEO, Microsoft missed a few major developments like tablets, smartphones and the ubiquitous cloud!

Ballmer reveals biggest regret at helm of Microsoft:

Apple Maps have an oops!

This shakes your faith in those navigational devices ...
Apple Maps originally offered this dangerous route to the airport in Fairbanks.Well at least it wasn't Tom Tom which is the one I have used in Australia, Britain, US and Canada!

Apple Maps directs drivers to Alaska airport runway:

Belkin's NetCam

Looks like a great way to keep your eye on things ...
belkinnetcam3Don't think I will be able to resist giving one of these a try!

Belkin's NetCam lets you keep an eye on things from anywhere: