Monday, 25 April 2016

Your Data in the cloud

Interesting discussion about data in the cloud ...
Risks and benefits of storing your data in the cloud.

Data in the cloud | Malwarebytes Labs:

Chromecast Audio Capabilities

Chromecast Audio or read Sonos on the cheap ...
Chromecast Audio is following in the footsteps of the original Chromecast representing incredible value for money.

Sonos on the cheap: How Chromecast Audio breathes new life into old speakers | Ars Technica:

Google Play Music Podcasts

Podcasts accessible through Google Play Music ...
This sounds good but apparently only released in the US and Canada at this stage! Probably means that it will take another 6 months for everyone else!

Google Play Music Podcasts launches today | Ars Technica:

PC sales in reverse gear

Interesting statistics on current PC sales ...
HP Spectre x360Not good news for the PC manufacturers. In the past we have had to upgrade PC hardware to run the latest Windows OS but Windows 10 runs quite happily on Windows 7 hardware. My favourite PC manufacturer, Lenovo, still remains top dog with 19.3% of market share!

PC sales in reverse gear, slumping to lowest level in a decade | TechRadar:

Google Calendar’s Reminders

Google Calendar reminders now on the web interface ...
This is as major improvement and now makes Google Calendar combined with Google Keep a good to-do list for those that don't need a more comprehensive app like Wunderlist.

Google Calendar’s Reminders feature is now on the web | TechCrunch:

Apple's a midlife crisis or not

Apple is 40 years old - time for midlife crisis? ...
Interesting article about Apple's advancing years and the possibility that they may be having a midlife crisis.
Five signs 40-year-old Apple is having a midlife crisis -- and five reasons it isn't - Computerworld:

Keep gets even better

Google Keep is getting better and better ...
I have started using Google Keep more since it integrated Reminders with my Google Calendar. These latest enhancements makes the app even more useful.

Google Keep gets support for #labels and a new Chrome extension | TechCrunch:

Chrome has 1 billion+ users

Chrome Mobile joins and elite group of apps ...
Chrome Mobile joins Android, Maps, Search, YouTube and Google Play all of which have over 1 billion users. Chrome on desktop also has over 1 billion users!

Google says Chrome now has more than 1 billion users on mobile | TechCrunch:

Win 10 Anniversary Update

Next big Windows 10 update ...
I guess this will be called the 1607 update. The last big Windows 10 update was in November 2015 (the 1511 update). I wonder how big this one will be - 2 GB??

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, coming this summer | TechCrunch:

Windows 10 on 270 Million

Windows 10 increasing but still not enough ...
Microsoft was hoping for 1 Billion users within 2 years of the launch on 29th July 2015. On the basis that the initial surge may be over, it will be a struggle to meet this target. The very slow sale of Windows Phones is a major contributor to this problem.

Microsoft: Windows 10 now runs on 270M monthly active devices | TechCrunch:

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cicret Bracelet Gets Closer

Smartwatches look out ...
The Cicret could give smartwatches a run for their money! May mean that you 1) Buy shares in short sleeve shirt manufacturers, 2) Sell shares in suit and jacket manufacturers and 3) Sell shares in SmartWatch manufacturers!

Cicret Bracelet