Saturday, 13 October 2018

Scary moments in air

The Emirates Airbus A380 was hit by strong winds as it came into land. Picture: YouTubePuts you off ever flying into Amsterdam's Schipol Airport!

Moment world’s largest plane lands sideways as airport is battered by ferocious winds: THE world’s largest passenger plane was rocked violently by strong winds as another jet bounced off the tarmac while descending onto a runway in a ferocious storm.

Tim Cook - Salesperson

From my experience in IT this explains Apple's lack lustre innovation whilst Cook has been CEO!

Tim Cook: Too Much of a 'Sales Person'?: The past few days have seen a section of an old Steve Jobs interview attain near viral status on the Web.

Android vs Windows

Reference my last post about Windows reaching 'the end of the line'. Android is now taking over from Windows in all but corporate use.

Android's popularity eclipses Windows among internet users - The Verge: The stat trackers at StatCounter have come out with their internet usage numbers for the month of March, and they have, for the first time, reported Android as the world's most popular operating...

Windows trash

I totally agree with this article as do many others! Microsoft might have a billion users but most are not happy users. It is time we started agaion rather than just adding more bandaids. This is why Chrome OS and Android work so well in comparison.

Windows has a heart of trash – TechCrunch

Mastering Google Photos

A useful guide to using Google Photos, a fantastic app that has changed digital photo storage for ever!

How to master Google Photos - The Verge

Restarting articles on this Blog

Articles now only posted to this Google Blog ...

Unfortunately Google has decided to close Google+ over the next 10 months so I am reversing my decision in the previous post! I assume that my Google+ Collection called 'Bits & Pieces' will eventually disappear. I have therefore decided to repost some of the important items to this Google Blog. This does mean that the posting date will not be representative of the article's original date. In a way, I will be posting 'old news' but it will be there for the record! All reposted articles are from the last 12 months.