Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lost Microsoft product keys

Maybe a useful application if your PC crashes ...
I have used Belarc Advisor to do this before but this looks purpose built!

Quick Tip: Track down lost Microsoft product keys with ProduKey | TechRepublic

iPhone to Android made easy

Ready to move from iPhone to Android? Start here  ...
I know a few people who are contemplating the shift but dreading the task. This article might alleviate some of the stress!

Making the change from iPhone to Android as easy as possible - Smartphones & PDA Phones:

Microsoft losing dominance?

Microsoft's three decade dominance may be coming to an end ...
I think this article has a good balanced perspective but the one thing that they have not mentioned is the rising importance of Cloud Computing. See the earlier article about Woolworths moving 26,000 staff to Google Apps!

Microsoft faces a loss of relevance:

A Google+ Experiment

A social networking experiment of my own ...
With the Bits & Pieces blog now having racked up 4,500 pageviews and an audience that includes the US, UK, Canada, Germany, China, South Korea, Sweden and obviously Australia, I wonder if there is any interest in forming a Google+ Community to share comments, news, ideas and maybe technical problems.

Social networking started with Mailing Lists, IRC Chat and Forums and then progressed to Blogging, Podcasting, MySpace, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Those that are still a force in social networking differentiate themselves by their purpose, timing and brevity. Twitter, for example, is for short, frequent messages not dissimilar to IRC Chat whereas Blogging is for more considered substantial content. I see that Facebook and Google+ fit somewhere in between.

Having already set up one Private Google+ Community for a Club, I thought I might try a Public Google+ Community and see how it goes. On the right hand side of this blog under "My Links" there is a link for the Bits & Pieces Community. If you click on this link you will go straight to the Google+ Community I have established. Click on the red "Join community" button to become a member and you should be able to join in the ongoing discussion. Needless to say, if there is no interest I will discard the Community! Hence why this is a Google+ experiment!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Google Keep

Another great free service from Google ...
This application is definitely still in its infancy but is likely to become more comprehensive over time and more integrated with other Google services. This is a great introductory article. Personally, I am an Evernote user and find this application a little on the "lite" side but it may be perfect for lots of users.

Five things worth noting about Google Keep | TechRepublic:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

W8 Boot to Desktop?

Could Microsoft actually be listening to its customers ...
The rumours are flying around as to what changes will be included in Windows Blue / 8.1!

That boot to desktop feature for Windows 8.1 is apparently in testing

Woolworths & Google Apps

Google Cloud making corporate gains ...
Dick Smith had already decided to move to the Google Cloud and now the whole Woolworths plans to do the same. I wonder when Microsoft starts getting worried?

Woolworths to roll out Google Apps to 26,000 staff members - Woolworths, CIO Dan Beecham, Google Apps - Computerworld:

Windows 8 Improvements

A wishlist for Microsoft Windows 8 Blue (8.1?) ...
I wonder how many of these will ever see the light of day! Microsoft could really turn the tide on Windows 8 if only they would listen to their customers!

Apple & Android

Lookout out Apple here comes Android ...
Price conscious consumers will take Android to the lead this year!

'The tide is turning' between Apple and Android tablets, research shows

Music on Demand

This is a real scene changer ...
I am right into Spotify and Google Music. Spotify's catalog at end of 2012 contained 20 million tracks which I can access for FREE (with ads). Google lets me store 20,000 mp3 tracks of my choice in the Cloud for FREE. I can get to this Google Music library from any of my devices connected to the Internet - desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. No syncing and no backup! 

Hyperspeed Streeet View

Interesting if its doesn't make you feel sick ...
Try this out! Your own don't seem to come up as good as the demo!

Device & OS Predictions

Those interested in Device & OS Predictions ...
Just look at Table two and the Android OS numbers. About 1.5 times the total of Windows plus iOS in 2017! It is worth noting that IDC reports that Q1 2013 has seen 13.9% drop in PC shipments compared to the same quarter last year. This represents the biggest year on year drop since their records began in 1994!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Windows 8 Takes Blame

Not a good look for Microsoft Windows 8 ...
Whilst Windows 8 may not be totally to blame for the huge drop in PC sales, it certainly must be a significant factor as more and more IT journalists question Microsoft's decision to radically abandon the familiar Microsoft desktop.

Bitcoins: the yo-yo currency

I really don't understand Bitcoins ...
If you ever wondered what Bitcoins were, watch this video. I watched it and still don't understand how they work! This just sounds like the biggest scam ever!

Bitcoins: The yo-yo currency |

Windows XP Upgrade

Although aimed at business, some interesting insights ...
Important to note that very few enterprises are looking at Windows 8 and most taking up this offer would simply use the "downgrade right"" to Windows 7.

Facebook Home

The long awaited Facebook announcement ...
I guess this will be popular with Facebook fanatics! Interestingly Facebook Home will only be available on Android and this may give Apple some concerns.

Facebook Home remodels Android’s homescreen for you - Gadget Guy Australia:

Saturday, 20 April 2013

PCs losing market share

Shift to Tablets gathers speed with Android in the lead ...
PC market losing more ground to tabletsThe scene is changing before our eyes!

Sky News: PC market losing more ground to tablets:

Google Chat

Introduction to Google Talk or Google Chat ...
Great tutorial for getting into Google Chat from Gmail. It is not necessary to download and install Google Talk to your PC - just use Google Chat from within Gmail. Apparently Google is in the process of unifying all their chat applications into one called Babel. This is apparently under test at the moment.

Acer's Chromebook

Acer's Chromebook also available in Australia ... 
As well a Samsung's Chromebook (3rd article further down), this Acer Chromebook is now available in Australia for $299! I wonder how many people will buy one assuming that it is just a very cheap laptop  not realising that a Chromebook is quite different!!

Acer C7 Chromebook

Avoid being 'Phished'

Business focused but just as relevant to the home ...
This is probably the most serious security threat out there. I can never over emphasise the need for precaution, particularly not clicking on links in unsolicited emails! DON'T!

Seven steps to avoid being 'phished':

Router Tutorial

A basic Router setup tutorial for those interested ...
Note that this is a setup tutorial for a Router only not a Modem / Router. So if you are on Cable or ADSL you may have a combination Modem / Router. This makes the set up more complicated because you need to enter your account information to authenticate yourself with your ISP.

Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook is here at last ...
Chromebook lidA great review by Brenton Currie. At $350 this is a real challenger to laptops and even some tablets. Obviously an Internet connection is essential but, given that, I would like to try on out!

Australian Samsung Chromebook Review:

Windows RT no more?

Killing of Windows RT would make a lot of sense ...
I think Windows RT is the most consumer confusing Windows 8 option and has had the potential to do Microsoft far more damage than it is likely to create business.

Will Windows RT bite the dust with Windows Blue? | News | TechRadar:

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Other side of Google Glass

The other side of the Google Glass experience ...
This Google Glass development has all the makings of an enormous social controversy! Ever since phones had built-in cameras these problems existed but this will make it worse because you won't necessarily know when a Google Glass user is taking a photo or video.

Woman wearing Google Glass

Feedly gains 3M users

Feedly gains as Google decides to close its RSS Reader ...
Many of you may not know what an RSS Reader is used for and why this decision by Google has created such a storm. Perhaps it would help if I said that 95% of the articles that I place on this blog have come via Google's RSS Reader! I am one of the 3 million who have now moved over to Feedly - it must be a good to work for Google knowing that you can lose 3 million users to a competitor's service and not really be worried about it!

Feedly gains 3M new users after Google's RSS death warrant, plans paid subscriptions

Google Glass Explorers

Google glasses projectGoogle Glass is getting much closer ...

So 'several thousand' explorers are to sample the Google Glass experience  - so long as they cough up the $1,500 plus travel expense to the US to take delivery!

Windows 8 Desktop?

Would Microsoft actually kill off the desktop ...
No Desktop in Windows 9?  -  Windows 8 is selling less than Windows Vista and PC sales were down over 14% in the March quarter. Some of this drop in PC sales has been attributed to the confusion over the Windows 8 dual interface. With Corporates flat out trying to migrate from XP to Windows 7 before April 2014, I am not sure who is going to be buying Windows 8, particularly if Microsoft comes clean about the future of the Windows 8 Desktop.

Is Windows Blue Microsoft's next step in killing the desktop?

Windows Blue

Windows Blue the first update to Windows 8 ...
A leak of some changes likely in the first update to Windows 8!

Windows Blue leak shows changes large and small - Operating Systems:

Windows 7 Faulty Patch

URGENT - Faulty Windows 7 Patch causing BSOD ..
You should look at this retraction by Microsoft particularly if you are running Kaspersky Ant-Virus.

Microsoft urges Windows 7 users to uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' patch